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What People are Saying

"Mila is an extremely observant teacher. Quickly she is able to see when the core is not engaged and can tell you exactly where you need to engage and how to do that.

     Her cueing supports my understanding of small and large movements of the pelvis, head, legs, and arms. The small details of where to feel length in my spine, the engagement of the abs are extremely important and really have changed what I think of and can do in class. Her workouts are very personal and unique in their delivery. She is tough, yet friendly, pushing you to your personal best. She praises you when you have achieved that hard work with sincere words. She always makes me smile and do my very best. The music she plays is appropriate for each exercise and uplifting.

     I always come away feeling better than when I came into class. I feel so blessed to have such a professional, experienced, and student-driven teacher.


"Mila is the highlight of my week. She genuinely cares about your progress and well-being, and she is so knowledgeable about Pilates and the body that you know that she is imparting vital information each class.


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE  Pilates classes with Mila. Her classes have made me more aware of my posture, breath and how to thoughtfully engage my muscles for maximum control.


 Exceptional professionalism and instructor knowledge.I have been studying Pilates for the past 5 years at many different studios and all over the U.S. I have a new favorite instructor, even over my own Tulsa favorites.  Mila taught an amazing class, amazing instruction, and an amazing explanation of how to go deeper into the work. I’m just sad that I can’t pack her into my suitcase and take her home with me. 

"I’ve been practicing pilates for 15 years and hands down Mila is my all-time favorite Pilates instructor. Her verbal cueing is second to none. My abs feel absolutely corseted for days after every one of her classes. I've never sweated more while lying on my back! Her teaching style inspired me to get mat certified so that I could help others the way she has helped me. What’s more, she’s blessed with one of those rare personalities that exude sunshine and has a unique ability to make each person in the room feel as if they are in a private class as her only student in spite of the fact that the room is full of 10 people.

"As an older student with substantial spinal curvature, deciding to work with Mila in private and small group settings has helped me to increase my overall strength, flexibility and improved my body shape.  Her knowledge of bone and muscle structure, combined with her workout techniques, her gentle touch, and that always enthusiastic attitude, has shown me that I do not have to continue to accept all the limitations my spine has imposed over the years.  I am always excited to go to her classes and some bonus benefits include less leg imbalance, stronger abs, toned arms and an extra inch of height.

"Mila is a passionate and committed instructor to Pilates and her students. Her positive approach is very motivating. Her knowledge of Pilates and correct methods surpasses all other teachers. Her technical knowledge of the body, muscles and movement and Pilates allows her to meet each and every student at their own level and ability. She makes subtle corrections with a simple word or touch, providing encouragement to guide students to the next level.

"I have taken Pilates classes in at least 6 states over the past 10 years. Mila is BY FAR the best instructor I have ever had.  In the past two years, she has taken my practice to an entirely different level and has challenged me in ways I could never imagine.  She has a real gift of giving her student's visualization cues that help “see” what it is we are supposed to be experiencing within our bodies.  She challenges each student in the class and gives all of us support, guidance and modifications (if necessary).  I have been offered a couple of jobs which would require me to relocate and one of the main reasons I have not moved is because Mila cannot move with me.  I enjoy each and every one of her classes and look forward to experiencing whatever she has in store for us that day.  No class is ever the same. Her knowledge of Pilates and the body is incredible.

"Mila brings an energy level to each class that you won’t see from many other instructors. Whatever the level (beginner to advanced) I learn something new in every one of Mila’s classes. My flexibility, strength, and energy are much improved.  Her advanced apparatus class has challenged and pushed me to advance my Pilates practice.

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