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Introductory Package

Introductory Package


Are you new to Pilates or a beginner who does not know where to start?

Purchase the Introductory Package of 4 private reformer lessons at a discounted rate.


Pilates is an overall body workout. It is systematic in the way it reminds the body how to work efficiently. It will sculpt your muscles without building bulk. Whether you’re a runner, a golfer, a tennis player or a mom, the benefits will be great.

Many types of people from all fitness levels will tell you how they’ve benefited from Pilates—flexibility, range of motion, posture, circulation, ab strength, and appearance!! They’ll also tell you about how good their back feels.


    Program Price must be paid in full at first session and sessions purchased expire 4 months from date of first session.

    Private lessons by appointment only. You MUST email to register appointment times BEFORE purchasing a package. Contact Mila Parrish at to register and schedule an appointment or for more information.

    All 5 and 10 packs receive a standing appointment, those without “standings” will buy single sessions.  

    Please refer to our Services page for all policies.

    All students who sign up and pay for any classes with Parrish Pilates also assume all risks associated with taking fitness classes and waive liability as outlined in this document.


    Rates subject to change. All packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. All 5 and 10 packs receive a standing appointment. 

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